All I want For Christmas…

I was reading the current problem of Runner’s world last night (while enjoying The greatest Loser) as well as squealed with pleasure when I discovered their “Best of” section. It stimulated motivation for my my Christmas list(minus one or two things). usually I fail to remember what I want as well as blank when people ask me, however this year I made a list. I don’t really expect to get these things from any individual considering that they are extremely expensive, however I do like to save up as well as get provides for myself over the program of the year ?

Born To Run – This book just came out this year, however I’ve been wanting it considering that a buddy pointed out it over a year ago. Besides, I believe it’s about my people on some level.New cam – ever considering that my cam broke a few months back, I’ve been utilizing Ben’s. I’ve been eyeing a few cameras ever since, however my budget believes my taste is as well costly as well as this most likely won’t’ occur for a long while.
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Shoes shoes shoes! I go with running shoes quick as well as like to alternating between two pairs during training. I would like a pair of Adidas Supernova or Asics Gel Nimbus ?Running gear – Shirts, shorts, skirts, whatever. If it’s running gear, I’ll take it with a smile ? as well as a seltzer maker in a pear tree… While it is great to dream about elegant gifts, the truth is Ben as well as I don’t exchange provides on Christmas since we have to spend money on flying to go to family. Last  year we made a decision to make gifts for every other. Looking back, I can’t believe I didn’t publish about this. I made Ben a quilt. Yes, a quilt. Let’s keep in mind that I am Not Martha.

My mom’s buddy assisted me make an “easy” quilt as well as I did it!!! It took me a long time as well as was a bit jacked up, however I’m pleased of it. I can genuinely state “All I want for Christmas is You” to Ben since this will be our very first time really costs Christmas together. This is only our third Christmas together as well as for the last two years Ben went house to Florida while I stayed in CA with my fam. Then, the day after Christmas I flew to FL as well as spent new Year’s with Ben’s fam. This was the most fair plan since we were living in CA near my fam at the time.

This year we will be flying to CA for Christmas (yeah!) as well as then flying to FL after the new Year. We will go to Ben’s fam for a few days then, it’s off to Disney world for the MARATHON!!!

Well, I am off to do some great Deeds. I’m trying to get on Santa’s great listing so I can get a few of the things on my list…

You can inspect right here to see if you’re on Santa’s Naughty or great List. Σκορ! I’m on the great List!!!

Check out North for the down low on Santa (this is a lot more for kids, however we’re all youngsters at Christmas, right?).



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